September 10th - Red Cloud Junior High Volleyball Triangular

Red Cloud Junior High Volleyball Triangular

Thursday, September 10th

Starting at 4:00 pm

Schedule & Covid-19 Fan Protocol


Schedule:            4:00 pm:          Red Cloud vs. Wilcox-Hildreth    

                                      ~5:00 pm:      Franklin vs. Wilcox-Hildreth

                                    ~6:00 pm:       Red Cloud vs. Franklin

With the exception of the 4:00 pm start time all other times are approximate as the next game will immediately follow the game prior to it.  Please plan accordingly.  

Fan Seating:                    Fans will be given designated sections in the gym to sit in and are expected to be within their section  

Concessions:                   Will be available limited to bottled drinks, popcorn, candy and hotdogs  

Face Masks:                    Optional at this time for both fans and players  

Physical Distancing:       All fans are encouraged to recognize the six feet of distance between family groups, and all children are to remain with their family groups  

Before/After Games:    No spectators will be allowed on the floor before or after games Athletes will not be permitted to come out of the locker room and talk with parents after the games