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Candace Conradt

Candace Conradt, about 8 hours ago


Earlier this week, Gov. Pete Ricketts, directed schools statewide to operate without students in their buildings through Mary 31, 2020. He also announced extracurricular activities canceled and playgrounds closed since this is not a safe place for students during this pandemic time. Please help us in urging children and young adults to practice social distancing.

Even though formal education in our building has stopped for the year, the opportunity to learn is continuing. Franklin Public Schools will proceed with sending enrichment packets to our students throughout the end of the school year. Please continue to support your students in this continuity of learning.

Questions rose as to why FPS chose to go with enrichment packets instead of e-learning. Internet accessibility in our area has always been a concern. The internet and cell phone companies that are offering free internet to students are the same companies that are not able to provide web or dependable service to Franklin before COVID-19. Many of the students we serve at FPS do not have access to internet services, and if they do, bandwidth and or speed is not adequate to perform studies.

I have spent many hours on the phone, in zoom meetings and conversation with Governor Ricketts, Commissioner of Education, Dr. Matt Blomsted, FPS school attorney, and FPS Principals to gather knowledge and advice. These are trying times that this nation has never faced before, and I pray will never encounter in the future again. The decision to go with enrichment, right or wrong, is the decision that I felt would best serve the students unique to our school district. Equity and student needs are at the top of my list. Students will be promoted to the next grade when the 2020-2021 school year begins.

Since beginning our meal program, we prepare 126 meals a day. School is the distribution site for students in Franklin. Staff members are making deliveries to homes in Upland, Riverton, Naponee, and Bloomington. If you would like to receive food and you did not sign up, please call the school at 308-425-6283 Ext. 30 and leave a message with your name, address, phone number of children and adults needing meals.

Mark your calendar! Wednesday, April 8, from 8 am-noon, one person from each family will be able to pick up your students' belongings left at school. Please return any school items such as library books, calculators, band instruments, etc. Student belongings will be at the main entrance of the High School. A staff member will be present to help.

Prom and Graduation are postponed indefinitely. When plans become finalized, we will post them. While this could be several months down the road, I urge you not to give up hope.

FPS teachers have been busy working at school and home preparing enrichment packets, writing letters to students, working on curriculum, attending live teacher, and zoom meetings.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


Stay safe and healthy! I miss seeing all the students.

Dr. Candace Conradt

Tiffiny Widdifield

Tiffiny Widdifield, 5 days ago

Congratulations to the following students for qualifying for Summer Honors. Any questions about accepting or declining can be directed to Mrs. Haussermann. Any updates about Summer Honor status will be added to our website as the information becomes available.

Landon Boettcher - Film
Stephen Aberle - Computer Science- The Art of Digitizing
Claire Harrison -Creative Writing- Underrepresented Writers
Grant Kahrs-Agriculture- Nebraska Environment
Joseph Aberle-Math-
Joseph Kahrs-Agriculture- Nebraska Environment
Logan Wentworth-Engineering*
Matthew Ayres - Logic- Generate a community of inquiry
Michelle Falkenstine - Agriculture- Nebraska Environment
Tucker Rose -Agriculture- Nebraska Environment

Adam Boettcher

Adam Boettcher, 7 days ago

Public Service Announcement:

The need for blood donations is high, there will be a Red Cross Blood Drive next Tuesday, April 7th at the Ag Center from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Please consider donating if you can. For questions contact Charline Gerdes at 308-425-3011 or 308-470-0575. Or you can sign-up online at

Candace Conradt

Candace Conradt, 9 days ago

Successful Beginning for FPS Meal Program

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