By now you have received the most important word about how this school year has begun-the informal reports given to you by your son or daughter. The faculty and staff at Franklin Public Schools hope those reports are positive. We hope you feel that the school year has begun well for your child.

I feel our students have had a great start. You just can’t find better kids and teachers anywhere! I continue to be impressed with the overall behavior and character of our young people and the way they help each other in school and throughout the community. So much goes unmentioned, but believe me, these young people are trendsetters in the state and we can all be proud of them.

I look forward to doing my part to continue to improve Franklin Public Schools. I welcome your input as we look toward the future. Possibly, even more important, I look forward to helping you, as parents and community members, realize just how great FPS is.

As a school district we must be accountable to our community, but more importantly we must be accountable to providing the best education possible for our students. In turn, our students must take on the accountability associated with their learning process. Students should be engaged in the learning process and should strive for academic excellence. We ask that parents seek the opportunities we provide to be active participants in your child’s learning and furthermore become engaged in your child’s learning process. Faculty and staff must be accountable, responsible, and engaged. We have excellent teachers that are dedicated to doing their best for students and we offer a variety of classes that are intellectually challenging. The administrators of the school district accept their role of being accountable, responsible, and engaged in the learning process for each and every student and to all the stakeholders in the district.

Thanks so much for placing your trust in us by sharing your young person with Franklin Public Schools. We treasure this trust and will do everything possible to insure the best education possible for your student.