Franklin Flyer Beef Booster Program

Our Mission

To work with local producers, businesses, community members, and patrons to incorporate locally raised beef into our school food program. This program will provide educational opportunities to help students understand “farm to table”.


The school food program will serve local beef twice a week. The beef will be in the form of ground beef, roasts, and stew meat.

The program will provide students an opportunity to see the impact that local beef producers have on our school and community.

The program will provide students the opportunity to see where their food comes from and how beef and crop production works in our community!

Get Involved

All monetary donations are tax deductible! Donations can be made to FPS School Lunch Fund-Beef Boosters for processing, fees, storage and transportation, etc.

Donors will have their name(s) listed on a program banner that will be displayed in the school.

Steaks will be set aside for the senior meal at the end of the year. Any remaining steaks will be used for other achievement awards or sold to raise money for the program.

Donor Levels

  • Producer Level - $2,000 and up

  • Prime Level - $1,000- $1,999

  • Choice Level - $500-$999

  • Select Level - $100-$499

  • Standard - $50-$99

Questions please contact:

Erica Bonham - (308) 470-1619

Steph Rupprecht - (402) 746-4379