September 8th - Franklin Triangular

Flyer Volleyball Triangular

Tuesday, September 8th

Starting at 5:00 pm

Schedule & Covid-19 Fan Protocol

Games:                         Varsity Game 1 – Elm Creek vs. Southern Valley (Starting at 5:00 pm) 

                                              Varsity Game 2 – Franklin vs. Elm Creek

                                             Varsity Game 3 – Franklin vs. Southern Valley


Alternate Gym:        JV Game 1 – Elm Creek vs. Southern Valley (Starting at 5:00 pm)

                                             JV Game 2 – Franklin vs. Elm Creek

                                             JVGame 3 – Franklin vs. Southern Valley 

All games after the first game will roll to the next game.  The only definite time is the 5:00 pm start time. 

Warm-Up:    Games 1 and 2 – 16 minutes; Game 3 – 11 minutes  

Fan Entrance/Seating:      All visiting fans will enter through the Front Main Door and will be asked to sit in their designated area on the east side of the gym.  In the ALTERNATE GYM, there will be three sections for fans and seating is limited, please be in your section.  No Fans are allowed on the stage, as this will be the holding area for the third team waiting to play – NOTE – No unsupervised students/children will be allowed at the game, and all children need to be in the stands with their family groups  

Masks:   Optional at this time  

Physical Distancing: We ask that all fans do the best they can to recognize the 6 feet of physical distancing requirement between family groups whenever possible.

Concessions:    A concession stand will be available for all spectators, with all workers wearing a mask and gloves.  Only prepackaged food items will be sold (i.e. candy, bottled drinks, etc.)  

Restrooms:    At this time any spectator will be allowed to use any restroom located by the gyms or by the front entrance  

Admission:    $5 – Adults, $4 – Students – Conference Passes will be Accepted                                      

  After Games: Players are to report to their locker room or stage holding area (if waiting for their next game); Please do the best you can to help in keeping players from intermingling in the stands during games, and once the night is over.